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Member Since: Jul 30, 2013

Location: New Zealand

Age: 27

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88% Baba Is You (2019) - May 17, 2019
"a bit of a mess at times and it's just way too big for its own good, but it's so incredibly creative, finding seemingly endless ways to recontextualise its own mechanics, that i can mostly forgive its lack of focus."
31% Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney − Trials and Tribulations (2004) - May 17, 2019
"they really went all in on the femme fatale plot on this one, huh? even though the first four cases are on roughly the same level as those of the first two games, those ones both ended on a high note with their final case, whereas i didn't really like this one at all. very convoluted, tries to connect twelve different narrative threads at once, questionable characterisation."
76% The Hex (2018) - May 17, 2019
"has much more variety than pony island, and is much more unpredictable in its second half, which this sort of thing needs. still, i wish daniel didn't chuck in that borderline creepypasta steam/twitch shit; it's tacky and juvenile and makes everything ugly. eh. i don't know why this has nowhere near the popularity of his debut, but i suppose pony island had that sort of meme status where top youtubers raked in big bux screaming at the thing for 15 minutes and noone ended up caring who made it."
31% Ghost 1.0 (2016) - May 17, 2019
"made by the sorts of people who chuckle when they sardonically refer to themselves as "Gamers". the narrative borders on irritable self-awareness. i had some amount of fun with the game itself for a while, until i realized that it expects you to intentionally trigger alarms to grind for gear. unless you're, like, an expert at these sorta-shmup things. which i'm not."
56% TRI: Of Friendship and Madness (2014) - May 17, 2019
"the central gimmick here is conceptually very interesting, but unfortunately also lends itself to tedium, as you'll be tweaking the corners of triangles a lot to fit within size and slope constraints. then, about a third of the way through, the game throws a really cool twist on the concept...and for the first time in my life, i got motion sickness playing a video game. oh well. quite beautiful visuals."
56% FRACT OSC (2014) - May 17, 2019
"has quite a wonderful, enigmatic atmosphere when you first engage with it, but both the music and puzzles just don't quite work on the whole. there's also a rather irritating tendency to fall into surprise chasms or get stuck below inch-high ledges. i mean, a jump button would've broken some of the puzzles, but c'mon."
10% Super Mario Bros. (1985) - Apr 29, 2019
"ramming headfirst into a brick wall for no other reason than the challenge of breaking it."
76% Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney − Justice for All (2002) - Apr 29, 2019
"the supernatural elements are much more important in this one, and the whole detective drama feels a bit off as a result (why do psyche locks not appear in court?), but the final case is so far above the preceding eight that i feel it elevates the whole game to a point higher than the first. a small crack in the fabric of phoenix wright's reality goes a long way."
76% Into the Breach (2018) - Apr 29, 2019
"repetitive and constrained almost to a fault. each turn is a miniature puzzle that is never quite the same as any other, but the fatigue does set in after a dozen hours or so, and it's never quite challenging enough to really dig deep into, even on its hardest difficulty. still, i vastly preferred this to ftl, and it's undoubtedly the best game one can play on an 8x8 grid. yep."
56% Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (2001) - Apr 19, 2019
"fun characters and engaging trials, with case 5 being a standout. still, i found the game rather ontologically suspicious: phoenix wright, ace attorney, helps clients on little more than vague belief of virtue, yet his belief is always found to be reality, as if preordained. that's not all: his detective savvy also roots out the real villains, casting the defense as de facto prosecution. absolving the innocent, punishing the wicked...a superhero of the law! ah well, it's all in good fun, right?"