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61 21% X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) - Nov 18, 2021
"I went into this game having a lot of fun. The combat mechanics were well designed, there were some great looking prerendered cutscenes and it was cool to have Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. The combat was bloody and fun... and then the enemies with guns arrived, and it just became a chore to play through. Way too many enemies swamping you every few seconds. It just became unfun quick, despite some good core mechanics and style. I ended up giving up on it partway through."
51 10% Wavelengths (2021) - Oct 07, 2021
"I like Steph as a character, the acting for her character, and as always there's a great selection of music. I also think there were some fun memories to explore here, but COVID really restricted what they could do both story and gameplay wise here, and unfortunately, it just wasn't that fun overall as a result."
71 51% The Invisible Hours (2017) - Oct 07, 2021
72 54% Kena: Bridge of Spirits (2021) - Oct 07, 2021
"I think the presentation here is fantastic, especially for an indie game. Visually, this looks like a AAA game, and the music is great too. The lower budget does show in the gameplay animation. While some stuff looks great, other stuff is a bit stiff. Gameplay itself is designed very well, but can get very difficult at times, even on the default difficulty, and there are large sudden increases in difficulty. Overall, the story and acting doesn't quite match presentation, but it's still decent. "
84 78% Life Is Strange: True Colors (2021) - Sep 28, 2021
"Excellent game! The game is gorgeous, the characters and acting are really well done, and of course there's some great music in here. Story wise, I don't think it's the strongest, but it's not the weakest either. I think the ending chapter feels a bit rushed, and I think it could have worked better if they expanded a bit on the ending. I think Alex Chan is a fantastic character, and her power is pretty interesting, but the gameplay and story still doesn't quite impress as much as the first game."
67 37% Enslaved: Odyssey to the West (2010) - Sep 10, 2021
"I really like a lot about this game, the characters, the worldbuilding, the environments, the enemy design, the acting, the platforming/traversal, etc. However, the one thing I don't like is the combat, and because about 80% of the game is focused on that very repetitive combat, the game gets annoying super quick. I ended up not finishing it, despite being invested in everything else."
78 69% MAG (2010) - Sep 10, 2021
50 9% Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1994) - Sep 10, 2021
56 14% FREEDIVER: Triton Down (2019) - Sep 10, 2021
"This game has a really cool control scheme at the base of it, and there is some fun exploration that makes use of that, but more often than not, the controls and the need to always search for oxygen can make things a bit frustrating. The story is very short, even for a VR game, and feels incomplete, leaving a mystery open and never doing much with it. It's a cool idea, but it needed some more development time I think in order to turn it into something great."