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35 3% SoulCalibur V (2012) - Feb 05, 2021
64 27% Injustice: Gods Among Us (2013) - Feb 05, 2021
"I couldn't finish it. While I was enjoying the story for the most part, I just did not enjoy the fighting gameplay. I think one thing that could help is the ability to actually run, not just quickstep forward or back, but the controls still feel a bit too stiff even other than that. "
72 54% Assassin's Creed Valhalla (2020) - Jan 24, 2021
"It's definitely not as good as Odyssey or Origins, particularly in story, but it does have its charm. I like the exploration of Norse mythology, I really love the locations, and the map design is fantastic, making each location feel fairly unique and being large with a lot to explore. However, there are too many missions, and too much to collect, so the game is overlong. Combat also wasn't quite as tight as Odyssey but was enjoyable in its own way once I got used to it."
48 8% Virtua Fighter (1993) - Nov 16, 2020
80 71% Titanic: Adventure Out of Time (1996) - Nov 16, 2020
95 94% Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales (2020) - Nov 16, 2020
"Excellent game. Those who love Into the Spider-verse will definitely love this game, but it also works as a fantastic follow up to the 2018 Spider-man game as well. It's a shorter story, as it's meant to be more of a spinoff title, and that's fine, because it's got a smaller scale, more personal focus to it, and I think it works great. I think the original is only slightly a notch better, but they're so close that it doesn't really matter."
86 81% Ratchet & Clank (2016) - Oct 09, 2020
"Really fun game with great visuals. I wasn't too familiar with the series before this game, but I went to see the movie, and then played the game. The game itself feels like a Pixar animated production. There's a lot of fun weapons and enemy types, fun humor, etc. Nothing major, but it's a fun game that I'll have fond memories of."
51 10% Art Alive! (1991) - Oct 09, 2020
59 17% Tee Off (2000) - Oct 09, 2020
76 64% Ghost of Tsushima (2020) - Oct 09, 2020
"This game I think at times was a little too difficult on default settings, even with every upgrade. I loved the way gameplay worked though. Visually, it's mixed. The lighting is incredible, as is the atmosphere and the particle effects, but detail is rather low, with most areas repeating the same objects. Some cutscenes aren't as impressive while others are great. Story has some great moments, mostly towards the end, but starts a little slow imo. Overall, could be better, but was still solid."