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65 31% Power Stone (1999) - Jun 22, 2022
59 19% Unearthing Mars (2017) - Jun 22, 2022
64 28% Watch Dogs: Legion (2020) - Jun 22, 2022
"I think the gameplay is pretty solid, and Bagley is a lot of fun, but the "recruit anybody" thing just doesn't work as well as it should, nor is it as interesting as having real characters with real motivations and character development. Most of the voice acting for the playable characters is not great, although there were a few that weren't too bad. The podcasts and music were great, as was driving around and exploring London. Locations became repetitive though."
48 9% NBA 2K7 (2006) - May 31, 2022
61 22% Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered (2019) - May 31, 2022
"I wanted to like it. I was interested in this game since it came out on PS3, but I was broke at the time, so I couldn't buy it. Finally got this as a gift recently, but on playing it, I just couldn't enjoy it that much. Difficulty is too high, and the NPCs are very stupid. When you die, you have to replay several minutes to get back to where you are, and with the number of times it happens, it just became unfun, so I decided to quit the game."
89 86% Mass Effect 3 (2012) - May 28, 2022
"It's not QUITE as good as Mass Effect 2, but still pretty solid. My main issue is that it feels like the story doesn't naturally flow as well as Mass Effect 2 did, and more disorganized, so the amount of time it took to beat the game felt like it wasn't earned. My initial ending was the worst choice you can make, but I was able to quickly go back and replay for a better ending, which I liked much better."
98 98% Horizon Forbidden West (2022) - Mar 13, 2022
"Absolutely incredible game. I have never spent 85 hours in a game without becoming bored. This game kept me engaged in the world and the gameplay the entire time I played, and had a fantastic satisfying ending that makes me excited for its inevitable sequel. They did a fantastic job expanding beyond the original game, and it will be extremely difficult for any game to beat this for my personal GOTY. Masterpiece."
90 87% Mass Effect 2 (2010) - Feb 06, 2022
"Fantastic game! Improved a lot over the first game imo. Great cast of characters, a fantastic story, and choices seem to feel important. They also significantly improved the vehicle exploration of planets, as well as had a better overall balance of missions, although it did go a little long for my tastes. Music is also fantastic, with the end theme reminding me of one of my favorite songs from Doctor Who "I Am the Doctor""
46 7% Coaster Works (1999) - Jan 22, 2022
75 62% The Fate of Atlantis (2019) - Jan 22, 2022