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Bio: My rankings reflect how much I personally enjoy a film and how likely I will want to re-watch them. This is why some films that I can admit as being 'classics' will get low scores as I just didn't enjoy them and I don't feel a need to try and critique them objectively here.

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80 51% South Park: The Fractured But Whole (2017) - Rated 26 Dec 2018
"Overall inferior to the classic 'Stick of Truth', the combat system change provides more variety and challenge. It's a shame then that the story is less interesting, the laughs less frequent and even things like fast travel points frustratingly placed. Still well worth playing for fans of the tv show."
90 79% South Park: The Stick of Truth (2014) - Rated 26 Dec 2018
"While in gameplay terms this is a simplistic RPG that offers little challenge with respect to any puzzles or combat, presented within the world of South Park with the kids themselves role playing this is a hilarious triumph that absolutely nails the spirit of the show and is a must play for any fans of the series."
83 62% Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 (2018) - Rated 26 Dec 2018
"A few gameplay issues have been patched since launched and the football is possibly as good as it's ever been now on PES. However MyClub is inferior to previous years, with emphasis on buying coins to get an advantage, and Master League has the same weaknesses as before, while the loss of the CL licence is also noticeable."
79 43% Limbo (2010) - Rated 31 Jan 2018
"Wonderfully stylistic and atmospheric puzzle game. Easy to playthrough in a few hrs but enjoyable the whole time."
75 35% Microsoft Minesweeper (1990) - Rated 31 Jan 2018
"Jeez, how many hours did I and millions of other people sink into this on our work pcs when we should have been working? I'm not sure I ever played it outside of work despite plenty of opportunity. This score reflects my 'at work' experience!"
62 20% Braid (2008) - Rated 31 Jan 2018
"Not bad and the ability to rewind time was a novel mechanic, but I wasn't much of a fan of the art style, nor the preachy narrative."
80 51% R-Type (1987) - Rated 19 Jan 2018
"I'm not a massive fan of the shooter genre, but I've always had a bit of a thing for non bullet hell arcade shooters. R-Type may have been the game responsible for this as it was the first one I can remember playing. Myself and a friend used to spend our school lunch breaks at the local convenience store which had one single coin-op cabinet running it. I've played it more recently and it's obviously dated in every aspect but it's still a nostalgic challenge where I struggle to get past level 5"
75 35% FIFA 18 (2017) - Rated 19 Jan 2018
"I played a few hours of this on a friends Xbox. It's more of the same but I prefer PES at the moment. I didn't play The Journey 2, but hear it's built on the first one and is better overall."
70 24% FIFA 16 (2015) - Rated 19 Jan 2018
"I played it, I can't really remember it but I bet it played much like every other FIFA game and had the correct team kits at the time though."
70 24% FIFA 15 (2014) - Rated 19 Jan 2018
"I played it, I can't really remember it but I bet it played much like every other FIFA game and had the correct team kits at the time though."