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Member Since: Jan 29, 2018

Location: Fairfax, VA, USA

Bio: I like basketball even more.

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70 57% Double Dragon II: The Revenge (1989) - May 27, 2023
"Although inspired by the arcade this is a completely different game and all the much better for it. It's way better than the original NES Double Dragon and I love the mix of 3D fighting and 2D platforming. The problem of weapons disappearing is made worse this time but that's its only real flaw. Well that and its insane difficulty."
60 39% Hitman: Blood Money (2006) - May 26, 2023
"It's good - the narrative keeps my interest through the entire game - but all of these Hitman games just kind of bleed into each other."
50 22% Double Dragon II: The Revenge (Arcade) (1988) - May 26, 2023
"It's basically the exact same game as the original with more polish and less charm. Some of the changes aren't great - a farm level?"
40 11% Double Dragon (NES) (1988) - May 24, 2023
"The NES limitations are too great this early in its lifestyle to accurately capture what's great about the Double Dragon arcade. As such, all we're left with is a mild, 1-player beat 'em up with 2 (of the same) enemies at a time. And that really takes all the bite out of this Dragon."
70 57% Double Dragon (1987) - May 24, 2023
"Uncomplicated fun and a revolution when it came out. The arcade is brilliant with so many different moves - especially for its time - and some other ingenious touches like each level seamlessly moving into the next and the mind-blowing Player 1 vs Player 2 ending."
45 18% Rescue: The Embassy Mission (1988) - May 22, 2023
"I remember renting this and liking it for how ambitious and diverse the gameplay was but it ultimately is extremely shallow and rote."
60 39% Spider-Man: The Video Game (1991) - May 16, 2023
"This is such a strange but awesome relic of the early 90's arcades where the graphics and phenomenal but the superheroes all look like they're moseying around. The character selection is bonkers but that's almost a good thing and the zoom in/out gimmick is fun enough to distract you from the awful music and sound."
50 22% Mean Streets (1989) - May 12, 2023
"A lot of this is pretty cutting edge for 1989 but, ultimately, the game play isn't all that fun."
55 26% Marvel's Midnight Suns (2022) - May 03, 2023
"I wish this game had just focused on the battlefield portion as it's a perfectly fine, fun card battle game. But the friendship building exercise is tedious and one you can never really lose. I was skipping so much during these long-winded talks while walking through the grounds. I also must call out the entire atmosphere of the game - I'm not sure who thought the magic/occult aspect would map well onto these characters. A big of a confused mess at times."
50 22% Hotline Miami (2012) - May 02, 2023
"Great music and I love the hyper-violence but ... it also lacks any real depth, the story is impenetrable and there are only 3 or 4 types of villains. I've also never been sold on the overhead perspective in video games."