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Game Fan - 20 Game Ratings

Member Since: Nov 22, 2017

Location: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Las Palmas, Spain

Age: 38

Bio: This is from now 27 February 2018 my first account.

[cross out]This is my second account, the main one is only for Horror movies/[cross out].

My ideal rating system would have only three levels;

Not boring: from 100 to 56
Meh: from 55 to 45,
Boring: from 44 to 0.

Besides that I have my method to apply a certain rating
100. Masterpiece: you must see it only because of the pop culture.
90. Excellent: you must see it for the same reason as 100 but maybe there is an error or something you do not totally like.
80. Very good: you are going to love it.
70. Good: you will not regret the experience.
69. Good but: well...
65. Almost good: when you know what it is happening or who is the killer you can stop watching, the resolution it is not that interesting.
60. Interesting: you will see the whole thing and even if you fall asleep or whatever you will retake the rest in another moment.
------------Below this line you will probably not see the whole movie in any given moment if you can not-----------
55. Although not a great thing you can not stop watching until the end, but if you fall asleep while watching it or if you have an emergency you can stop watching without remorse.
50. Watchable: you can see the whole thing, but you can stop at any time without remorse.
49. Almost boring: the movie seems a little too long.
40. Mediocre: maybe boring but you can see the whole thing.
35: If you are in the mood you can see the whole thing,
30. Weak: usually boring and you will not see the whole movie.
20. Bad: totally boring you will see it until the half of it and enough is enough.
10. Very bad: you will see 15 mints maybe, tops.
0. YThisExists: to bad to even give it a try.
more Recent Ratings
60 20% Dementium: The Ward (2007) - Mar 24, 2018
"I have been playing a couple of hours and it is at least interesting. I like its horror atmosphere. Apparently, it was intended to be another Silent Hill game."
70 60% Secret Moon (2014) - Mar 24, 2018
"It is a good game for people who like deductive types. You start knowing your character and no one else although the princess and the Wanderer know each other since the beginning. I love it. There is not a lot of mystery games like this one."
60 20% Diablo (1996) - Mar 12, 2018
60 20% Drakensang: The Dark Eye (2008) - Mar 12, 2018
"Entertaining and as it progresses to become a little more and more challenging. I found more difficult the second installment."
70 60% Dungeon Keeper (1997) - Mar 12, 2018
70 60% Age of Empires II (1999) - Mar 12, 2018
80 95% Gears of War (2006) - Mar 12, 2018
70 60% Assassin's Creed (2007) - Mar 12, 2018
65 50% Animal Crossing (2001) - Mar 12, 2018
"It takes time until you start to love it but eventually you start to lose interest in the game. It is a good game for casual gamers though. I mean you can save anytime you want so it does not matter if you play five or thirty minutes."
50 10% Tokaido (2012) - Mar 12, 2018