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97 97% Umineko When They Cry (2011) - Rated 29 Jan 2024
"This is a mystery. And a story about mysteries. And fantasy. And identity. It's a story about the world inside you, and how it's yours to decide on no matter what. It's a story about truth and a story about stories. But most importantly, it's a story about witches."
39 27% Operation (1965) - Rated 02 Mar 2023
"I feel like the biggest problem with this game is the economics of board game manufacture, and the fact that it's positioned on the cheap department store end; the dexterity aspect would, I think, be a lot better with better-quality materials."
56 47% Chess (1600) - Rated 26 Jan 2023
"Chess can be very interesting to think about, but to really engage with it, you need the kind of brain that finds diving deep into literally thousands of years of history, context, and strategy fascinating instead of intimidating, and I'm afraid I don't."
1% The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (1984) - Rated 22 Jan 2023
"This rating isn't because this is a bad game, because it's not; it's well-made and well-written, full of humor and thoughtful satire. And it's not because I don't think it should exist, because it absolutely should, there are so many people who have gotten a lot out of it. No, this is a completely personal, subjective, and unfair rating, because oh my god the deepest fibers of my being hate the idea of games that become unwinnable, and becoming unwinnable is this game's central mechanic."
36 24% Battleship (1967) - Rated 21 Jan 2023
"I fell like this is one of those games that seems like it must have more strategy to it than it does, that you pull out going "Okay, *this* time it's going to be interesting" and it's... I mean, maybe it happens to be that time, and that's what keeps you playing, but most of the time..."
64 54% Fluxx (1997) - Rated 21 Jan 2023
"I wouldn't pull out Fluxx for a night with my friends - it's not very deep, and while it can create fun chaos, other games stoke chaos faster and better. And there are better choices to introduce someone to the wider world of board games. But Fluxx has one very important use case: Being at a big gathering of normie acquaintances and wanting an activity that'll let everyone bounce chaotically off one another and have fun doing it. At the family reunion, it shines."
72 62% NBA Jam (1993) - Rated 20 Jan 2023
"For someone who never really got into sports games, this was absolutely one of the most appealing, due to the focused, exaggerated, colorful gameplay, and the way the aesthetics all came together."
35 23% Evil Baby Orphanage (2012) - Rated 19 Jan 2023
"A fun concept that doesn't translate into fun gameplay. It's got some workable mechanics, certainly, but it's one of those games where the first few games are frustrating because of needing to figure out what the actual strategy is, and the games after that are frustrating because once both players have figured out the strategy, it becomes very predictable in a frustratingly random way, with the players looping thru the deck repeatedly to the point of memorizing the order."
19 9% Mystery Date (1965) - Rated 19 Jan 2023
"Barely even a game, and full of unpleasant social expectations even in the most updated versions."
80 73% Titanic: Adventure Out of Time (1996) - Rated 19 Jan 2023
"A weird and unique adventure game with a detailed and ridiculously thorough environment to explore - apparently, real-life Titanic researchers used it as a tool - and lots of replay value."