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Game Fan - 58 Game Ratings

Member Since: Oct 22, 2010

Location: Pittsburgh, PA, USA

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76 59% Pok√©mon Go (2016) - Mar 27, 2022
"I've been playing this game consistently for three years so it must be doing *something* right. It's a good way of satisfying collector-brain, finding ways of giving you fresh goals and continuing to move forward even when you've caught most of the currently-available ones. The mechanics could, and probably should, be deeper, but at the same time, the simplicity allows me to just check in, spend ten minutes making sure I get daily goals, and stop there on low-energy or busy days."
91 87% Mountain of Faith (2007) - Mar 27, 2022
"My first deep dive into Touhou, and a good one. I love the characters and the colorfulness and the complex beauty of the spell cards. It took me a while to get used to the dizzying dodging of flurries of projectiles, but it's definitely worth it, the feeling of slipping thru the cracks and becoming part of the dance. Also, I just want to say: Playing on Easy is 100% valid and fuck anyone who says otherwise."
93 94% BAD END THEATER (2021) - Mar 27, 2022
"Wonderful! An exploration of storytelling itself, with simple but evocative characters in a familiar but subversion-ready setting, with lots of tragedy but a slow build towards overcoming it. Short and sweet and lovely. (Plus, I wish *every* branching-path visual novel had a flowchart showing which paths I haven't taken yet.)"
26 11% A Question of Scruples (1984) - Jan 29, 2021
"This is an early attempt at a "how well do you know your friends" party game, but sadly, it's not very good; the questions are often these weirdly complex scenarios that make binary answers unsatisfying, and a lot of them are clearly meant to be complicated and edgy moral questions, but, um, aren't - like "Would you pull your child out of school if you found out their teacher was gay?" Yikes."
86 76% Overcooked (2016) - Jan 08, 2021
"Fast, fun, and really satisfying when two players get into a strong groove."
87 78% Florence (2018) - Jan 02, 2021
"An interesting story, rocky and fraught in a relatable way, yet never less than gentle and sympathetic. The game elements really help the player feel Florence's emotional journey, translating her struggles and triumphs in figuring out other people into the difficulty and satisfaction of figuring out a puzzle."
89 83% Illusion of Gaia (1993) - Jan 01, 2021
"The first game I ever beat. A weird world, full of lost civilizations and strange monsters, full of character and color, with solid mechanics and lots of interesting exploration."
92 91% Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 (2015) - Jan 01, 2021
"The legacy elements not only open up interesting possibilities for gameplay, they enable telling a story in a unique way - and the story baked into this game is *amazing*. My friends and I played thru the entire campaign over three days, and I gotta tell you, it was absolutely worth it."
83 71% Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (2001) - Jan 01, 2021
"I love these ridiculous characters and their melodrama. Furthermore, I quite enjoy this genre-defining investigation game, even tho there are rather stiff and weird elements to navigating this initial chapter in the series. They're ridiculous fun characters in ridiculous fun stories."
80 66% Puzzle Pirates (2003) - Jan 01, 2021
"This is super fun and frankly it's frustrating that nothing else like it exists. I'd love to see a modern MMO that filled itself with interesting minigames as a way of interacting with a simulated society. Also I just learned that it's still going and frankly I should check that shit out."