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1954 Alcatraz

Joe was sentenced to 40 years imprisonment for armed robbery, and he is eager to break out of “The Rock”. But he needs help from his wife Christine, who is being threatened by fellow gangster Mickey to hand over the swag. Only Joe knows where the hideout is, but the entire North Beach is searching for the jackpot. No prisoner has been able to break out of Alcatraz before. Will our hero be successful in the race for the loot?
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Un' avventura vecchio stile, con tanto di grafica cartoonesca. Personaggi interessanti ed enigmi solidi e mai troppo difficili. Si perde un po' nel finale sbrigativo, e forse non sfrutta appieno le potenzialità della storia col doppio punto di vista. Piacevole e leggera, una boccata d'aria fresca e nulla di più.
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Genre: Adventure
Platforms: WindowsmacOS

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