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Dead Island 2

Action, Role-Playing
Dead Island 2 is a 2023 action role-playing game developed by Dambuster Studios. (wikipedia.org)
Franchise: Dead Island
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While I acknowledge that it's basically the same game as the first, glitches, same type of combat, feel, etc... I'm okay with that. This game shines when playing with someone because it allows some really silly outcomes to the zombie slaying. And accidents, in my case, because I'm always molotoving my brother. Oops. It gave me what I wanted. Also, I might be wrong here, but it feels like they actually shrunk the open world, which I dig because I'm sick of massive open worlds all the time.
One of the most fun zombie games I've played. It is half-open world which is great because every level is detailed in terms of story and level design. It is funny, compact, same old nice zombie slaying game. And I admit I wasn't expecting the new gore system to be this much fun but it indeed impacts the game in a great way. Every detail is there, every slice, every hit makes a different result. One and only downside for me was boss battles.
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