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Secret of the Silver Blades ()

Secret of the Silver Blades
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The story is a continuation of the events of Curse of the Azure Bonds. In this game, a small mining town is being threatened by monsters who were released from a glacial prison. The monsters are led by the evil Eldamar, who had been interred in the glacier by his twin brother Oswulf and a group known as the Silver Blades. (wikipedia.org)

Game Information

Genre: Role-Playing

Platforms: iOS, MS-DOS, Commodore 64, Amiga

Franchises: Dungeons & Dragons, Gold Box, Forgotten Realms, Pool of Radiance

AKA: Secret of the Silver Blades - A Forgotten Realms Fantasy Role-Playing Epic, Vol. III

Developers: ,

Publishers: Strategic Simulations, WizardWorks

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