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30 1% Marvel's Avengers (2020) - Sep 14, 2020
"Terrible games as a service bullshit. This game can eat my poo!!!!!!! (please star this review i worked very hard on it)"
65 11% Mario Kart Tour (2019) - Sep 14, 2020
"The actual gameplay is so good and fun but then the pay to win bullshit is soooooooooo prevalent urgh it's so frustrating"
75 29% Mad Max (2015) - Sep 14, 2020
"I started playing this when I was suffering through a bout of depression and just wanted generic map game stuff to occupy my hands and thoughts but then ended up enjoying it quite a bit. You make a cool car and that's cool"
75 29% Luigi's Mansion 3 (2019) - Sep 13, 2020
"For some reason this franchise just doesn't really click with me. I think I made it about halfway through and then it was like well what else exists. Luigi's coward animations are great though."
85 69% The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (2019) - Sep 13, 2020
"Really loved this art style and revisiting this absolutely bizarre, weird, strange, nutty game all over again."
95 95% The Last of Us Part II (2020) - Sep 13, 2020
"Easily the most advanced game to date as far as general "feel" and fluidity goes, with a phenomenal, layered story about trauma and absolutely impeccable performances, especially from Ashley Johnson who, like, holy shit, right??? Maybe the best PS4 game, which is saying a LOT."
80 47% Jet Grind Radio (2000) - Sep 13, 2020
"mother fuckin GOAT but Jet Set Radio is and will always be the better title"
80 47% Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice (2017) - Sep 13, 2020
"I don't really like the whole Norse mythology being taken super seriously thing so I wish they had told a story about psychosis using basically any other genre but the sound design is SO good and it's remarkable that this was made by such a small team"
75 29% Gris (2018) - Sep 13, 2020
"A good way to spend a few hours but uhh, what happened in this game again?"
85 69% Ghost of Tsushima (2020) - Sep 13, 2020
"Very enjoyable exploration and combat with a largely subpar story, but honestly, having some of the best traversal of a big-ass map ever counts for a lot."