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Member Since: Dec 8, 2019

Location: Canada

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78 46% Contact (2006) - Dec 08, 2019
"A profoundly strange game that I will never stop shilling. The primary premise is simple, you help a space-faring professor find power cells for his space ship by controlling a kid named Terry via your Nintendo DS. There is absolutely no fourth wall to speak of, and this is the only game I know of that has the player themselves as a MAJOR character. I will not spoil anything else; play this strange, wonderful, heartbreaking game."
80 61% Wario World (2003) - Dec 08, 2019
"FUCK YOU THIS GAME RULES. A fantastic beat-'em-up 3D platformer... thing. Only issue is that it is ludicrously short; could easily triple the length of this incredibly adventure and still not be satisfied."
80 61% Super Paper Mario (2007) - Dec 08, 2019
"Definitely not the same as Paper Mario, but a fun as heck action-platformer RPG with a neat gimmick and fun character writing; a lot of people will dock points for the lack of partners, but honestly keeping the cast to four well-established characters really let them refine the character writing in this one."
80 61% Paper Mario (2000) - Dec 08, 2019
"Visuals are a bit lacking and the pacing is off some times, but a spectacular game nonetheless. If only we got more than two games as a pretty good spinoff..."
10 5% Paper Mario: Sticker Star (2012) - Dec 08, 2019
"Hilariously, the best strategy is not to fight at all in this game. Fittingly, don't bother playing it, it's trash."
90 88% Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (2004) - Dec 08, 2019
"My favourite turn-based RPG, hilariously enough. When you look at "fun for the whole family" in a dictionary, you find this game's disc nestled betwixt the pages, and also probably a Power Plus badge. God, those things are the best. Hilarious and really fun in a totally PG way, juuuuust difficult enough for EVERYONE, great story. A solid candidate for "first video game"."
80 61% Hollow Knight (2017) - Dec 08, 2019
"One of the all-time greatest Metroidvanias ever. I still like the more RPG-y ones, particularly the Igavanias, but this is a fascinating and powerful experience that I'd recommend to anyone who likes video games in general. Path of Pain only took me four tries. Eat it, nerds."
100 99% Shadow of the Colossus (2005) - Dec 08, 2019
"The only perfect game I have ever played. Flawless in every regard; and actual masterpiece. Just go play it you fuck."
90 88% Katawa Shoujo (2012) - Dec 08, 2019
"This VN broke me on an emotional level. A fucking masterpiece. Hanako best girl and I'll fucking kill you if you say otherwise, motherfucker."
75 39% Knights of the Old Republic 2 (2004) - Dec 08, 2019
"Obsidian got fucked on this one but GOD it's so fucking good, regardless. Restored content mod adds that extra 5 points on, so I highly reccomend it. This is probably the best piece of Star Wars media ever created, bar none. Also, Visas best girl."