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69% The Simpsons (1991) - Nov 01, 2018
"An iconic arcade cabinet to play at the pizza parlor or whatever in the early 90s. Retroactively bizzare fact: when this game came out there were only 28 episodes of The Simpsons."
83% Undertale (2015) - Oct 13, 2018
"I don't know that I'll ever be part of its hardcore cult but I did find it an interesting, enjoyable and occasionally even emotional experience, if one pretty short and shallow on the gameplay front. The mix of "bullet hell" gameplay with otherwise traditional RPG battles is a very clever twist, and make some of the boss battles quite exciting. Some solid puzzles, but the phone calls in the second half of the game became annoying. I'll go back and try Pacifist/Genocide runs one day."
83% The Messenger (2018) - Sep 25, 2018
"This game dances on the edge of greatness - if only the “Metroidvania” world of its second half was a little more interconnected and fleshed out, the reward for collecting the green coins less underwhelming, and the final gauntlet/boss more satisfying. But still, its “Ninja Gaiden” first half is fantastic with ultra-tight and fun controls, aerial acrobatics, epic challenging boss battles, and perfect visual and musical presentation. So not a masterpiece, but one of my top ten of 2018."
36% Mega Man X6 (2001) - Sep 06, 2018
"Arguably slightly better level design than MMX5 but good god almighty why are there 100+ dialogue box long cutscenes between levels in a goddamn MEGA MAN GAME?! I’m really beginning to see why Mega Man 9 was such a relief in the way it cut through the cruft the series had developed and back to the heart of Mega Man in 2008."
22% Mega Man X5 (2000) - Sep 06, 2018
"As of this entry the Mega Man X series kind of feels like it’s in a bit of a state of exhaustion to me. I still respect the tight fluid controls but it’s all blurring together now, the levels and bosses becoming more dispassionate."
36% Enter the Matrix (2003) - Aug 28, 2018
"I remember finding the video game as side-quel concept of it to be kind of interesting back in the day."
22% Pokémon Go (2016) - Aug 28, 2018
"The initial month that this game came out was actually a ton of fun. Everyone I knew was playing it. The concept seemed like a blast. Then we all hit the bottom of the centimeter-deep experience that was the depth of all the game had to offer, got bored, and deleted the app. But man what a fun couple weeks it was!"
36% Minecraft (2009) - Aug 28, 2018
"I have nowhere near the patience needed to play this and build my own game. However I do occasionally enjoy checking out people's uniquely insane projects on YouTube (building Westeros, Middle-earth, working computers, etc)."
22% Fortnite (2017) - Aug 28, 2018
"This phenomenon is largely lost on me. In my days we walked uphill to school both ways, kids these days, why I never, get off my lawn, get me my rocking chair and put on the Murder She Wrote marathon, etc."
83% Texas Hold 'Em (1967) - Aug 27, 2018
"I might rank it higher except that I tend to not really like hanging out with poker people in general so to be honest I barely ever play, but I find the drama and luck and skill and strategy and excitement of it very interesting."