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92% Final Fantasy VII Remake (2020) - Jun 21, 2020
"Exceedingly well made in many respects - aesthetically, fun hack n slash gameplay, still a great base story, music/voice acting, extra modes and stuff to do - but there’s just these little things about it that bug me so much. The “Whispers,” ugh, what were they thinking?"
68% The Mummy Demastered (2017) - Apr 08, 2020
"Level design was pretty standard issue Metroidvania and the death mechanic a bit maddening. But the great presentation with beautiful retro pixel art and chip tunes made it worthwhile - still listen to a few of the tunes regularly."
51% The Messenger: Picnic Panic (2019) - Apr 08, 2020
"Decently fun little expansion to kill a few hours with; nothing that expands on the base game too remarkably."
82% Far Cry 4 (2014) - Apr 07, 2020
"No way in hell would I ever spend the 100+ hours it would take to do every side mission but just playing it in a fairly straightforward fashion going from outpost to outpost to fortress to campaign mission and repeat until the Royal Palace it’s definitely a fun FPS. The feeling of power when you get a mighty new weapon is great. Never mastered the stealth though; got spotted every time."
92% Terranigma (1995) - Mar 22, 2020
"I thought this game was pretty excellent. The “god mode” city-building progression system is pretty inscrutable without a guide and the magic system is fairly useless. But in the basic gameplay in dungeons, combat, world exploration and so on it does a great job continuing on the work of A Link to the Past and Secret of Mana, with charming presentation/music, mythical feel in its storytelling, and a climactic set of twists and bittersweet ending that are very memorable."
82% Mega Man 11 (2018) - Feb 13, 2020
"I had a fun time with it once I got the speed gear system down. Well-balanced difficulty, with some levels/ bosses that challenged me but I managed to conquer once I put in a little grind to learn them. Nice meaty robot master stages with some length and clever gimmicks to them. Wily fortress could have used one more level. Music a bit generic by this series’ high standards."
51% Horizon Zero Dawn (2017) - Dec 15, 2019
"I think I might have preemptively spoiled the well for myself on this one by playing Spider-Man and Breath of the Wild first - the verticality of those games made NOT being able to instantly climb up every cliff here infuriating. Also got kind of annoyed by the crafting. Beautiful game with an impressive world and nice combat and lore and all that besides that, but I fizzled out before hitting the end credits."
82% The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (2019) - Nov 27, 2019
"Plenty of fun playing an oldschool top-down Zelda game in 2019! World is small enough that now and then I would just take an hour and sweep the whole thing looking for heart pieces and stuff with my latest equipment. Had to consult an online guide to beat Eagle’s Tower. Still has a lovely dreamy vibe and memorable characters and a great bittersweet ending like the Game Boy original. Not 100% sure about the soundtrack - lacked a certain oomph."
82% Castlevania: Circle of the Moon (2001) - Nov 14, 2019
"Surprised to have such a low “probable score” here, I enjoyed this game a lot as a fun Metroidvania experience - it was mindblowing on GBA at the time, portable games didn’t do this stuff back in 2001. Great soundtrack too."
68% Chasm (2018) - Nov 14, 2019
"Really nice control and combat and pixel art; world design was (due to the procedurally generated design) thin though, with little of that satisfying interconnected Metroidvania goodness. Worth playing but not one I’ll go back to any time soon either."