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Bio: Hi! I like movies. I also like things that aren't movies. Like Cupcakes. and Corgies.

I don't review short films.

For increased precision and accuracy, I'm only ranking films I've seen since around early 2007.

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83 T7 Sonic Mania (2017) - 05 Dec 2023
"I've never been a huge Sonic fan, but I fell in love with this. This is truly the definitive Sonic experience, as in, this is the only Sonic game you'll ever need to play. It takes Classic Sonic, boils it down to its best design elements and then throws extra sugar and icing on top as a treat. The Encore DLC is a mandatory purchase; the two new characters are probably more fun to play as than any of the original three. (Mighty the Armadillo ftw)"
70 T2 F-Zero (1990) - 05 Dec 2023
"Has aged much better than almost any other racing game from the era. It still looks great, with a bopping soundtrack. The gameplay itself however still feels too barebones."
60 T1 Super Mario Kart (1992) - 05 Dec 2023
"Has aged poorly."
80 T6 Stardew Valley (2016) - 05 Dec 2023
"Videogames are about living out fantasies that are impossible in real life. Like home ownership, or living in a walkable rural community, or being able to easily make friends as an adult."
75 T4 F-Zero 99 (2023) - 05 Dec 2023
"It's nice to know that Nintendo still remembers this franchise exists. Overall the gameplay is an improvement on the original and the concept makes sense. However, I wish all the game modes were available directly from the menu instead of having to wait for 10-20 minutes for each one to be unlocked. Play it now before Nintendo delists it and it dissappears forever."
70 T2 Gradius (1985) - 26 Aug 2023
"The most archetypal side-scrolling shooter. The ur-shooter, if you will."
85 T8 Snatcher (1988) - 25 Aug 2023
"I'd probably go short of calling it a masterpiece, but it is a remarkably good game for its time, whose unique aesthetic, moody atmosphere and strong narrative have allowed it to age gracefully. Easily among the Top 10 Genesis Games. The story pacing and beats are unmistakably Kojima, so if you'd played MGS the plot twists will likely be a lot a more predictable. Recommend it if you like story-heavy games. Strongly recommend it if you also happen to like cyberpunk and/or film noir."
73 T3 Blazing Lazers (1989) - 21 Aug 2023
"Certainly one of the more enjoyable top-scrolling shooters I've played, but like the rest of the genre, I find that it gets repetitive past."
70 T2 Kirby's Pinball Land (1993) - 21 Aug 2023
"Reviewing OG Gameboy games is hard, because I'm never sure how much I should be recognizing the limitations of the hardware. Was this good for it's time, and for a handheld? Maybe?"
68 T2 Pinball Dreams (1992) - 21 Aug 2023
"Echoing the comment of "Pretty basic" There's an annoyingly small field of view, but atleast there's a variety of tables to play."