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79 79% Persona 5 (2017) - Nov 02, 2020
"Rating based on having played Royal."
80 85% Persona 5 Royal (2019) - Nov 02, 2020
"Incredibly stylish with great graphical and audio design. Themes and plot are interesting, even if some of the cast and the overall setting aren't the most appealing to me personally. It does suffer from some pacing issues, however, and while an enjoyable 144 hour playthrough is a solid investment, it could've been condensed without losing anything."
70 72% P.T. (2014) - Oct 31, 2020
"I stupidly left getting the PS4 version too late, so rating the Unreal engine recreation. The visuals, atmosphere and audio design are top-notch. The obtuseness of how to proceed at some points eventually led to some frustration, which is always a death sentence for fear. A full game of this without sections I'd get stuck on would've been superb."
70 72% Night of the Full Moon (2019) - Oct 29, 2020
"Only played with the free class so far, but it's a solidly-made title that seems to have a decent bit of replayability to it. It's tempted me into purchasing some more of the classes, which is praise in itself."
60 55% Super Mario Bros. 35 (2020) - Oct 23, 2020
"It's Mario, albeit the worst Mario, so it has a solid baseline of enjoyment. The battle royale format adds nothing to it for me really."
60 55% Victoria II (2010) - Oct 10, 2020
"Doesn't do it for me in the way eg EU3 does, perhaps due to its more free-form nature and lack of guiding hand."
70 72% Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise (2020) - Sep 18, 2020
"Mechanically awful, but I love the writing."
70 72% Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout (2020) - Aug 29, 2020
"Charming, inoffensive fun. Not something I can see myself playing religiously, but seems perfect for killing a half hour or so."
80 85% The Last of Us Part II (2020) - Jul 23, 2020
"An incredible execution of a less-than-incredible design. Feels as if the riveting crescendos were planned first, and the rest of the narrative exists just to enable these. It has a habit of reminding you at inopportune moments that you're actually playing a video game when it has moments worth just sitting back and soaking in. It also, contradictory to the message it wants to convey, seems to take great glee in exploitative violence. All this said, it's still a very high calibre video game."
60 55% Paper Mario: The Origami King (2020) - Jul 17, 2020
"Colourful, charming and humorous as you'd expect. Combat gets very repetitive, however."