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70 71% Hunt: Showdown (2019) - Apr 16, 2021
"Great atmosphere and audio design. The PvP element makes it tenser but also more frustrating. I'd honestly prefer a purely PvE version of the core mode."
70 71% Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus (2018) - Apr 16, 2021
"Decent strategy game that really captures the essence of the Mechanicum. A wealth of customisation options and a small amount of randomisation allow for at least a second playthrough without it being too samey."
89 91% Football Manager 2020 (2019) - Feb 23, 2021
90 95% Football Manager 2021 (2020) - Feb 23, 2021
60 54% Fallout: New Vegas (2010) - Feb 23, 2021
"This just didn't grip me the way Fallout 3 did. The story and the way you can effect the outcome are of a very high level, but the gameplay lets it down somewhat. Mediocre DLC and constant bugs knock it down a tier too."
70 71% World War Z (2019) - Feb 20, 2021
"Decent mindless fun."
79 79% Persona 5 (2016) - Nov 02, 2020
"Rating based on having played Royal."
80 84% Persona 5 Royal (2019) - Nov 02, 2020
"Incredibly stylish with great graphical and audio design. Themes and plot are interesting, even if some of the cast and the overall setting aren't the most appealing to me personally. It does suffer from some pacing issues, however, and while an enjoyable 144 hour playthrough is a solid investment, it could've been condensed without losing anything."
70 71% P.T. (2014) - Oct 31, 2020
"I stupidly left getting the PS4 version too late, so rating the Unreal engine recreation. The visuals, atmosphere and audio design are top-notch. The obtuseness of how to proceed at some points eventually led to some frustration, which is always a death sentence for fear. A full game of this without sections I'd get stuck on would've been superb."
70 71% Night of the Full Moon (2019) - Oct 29, 2020
"Only played with the free class so far, but it's a solidly-made title that seems to have a decent bit of replayability to it. It's tempted me into purchasing some more of the classes, which is praise in itself."