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50 30% Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (1995) - Nov 20, 2022
"I didn't enjoy this as much as the first, which isn't necessarily down to it being worse per se, just that the novelty was no longer there."
70 71% Scorn (2022) - Nov 02, 2022
"Incredible aesthetic offset by tolerable puzzles and frustrating combat. I honestly think this would be better as a straight-up walking simulator, even if the cool weapon designs would be lost. Fortunately, its short length means a bit of patience and determination will still allow you to see all the incredible sights its world provides. A complete lack of offering any reason as to why anything that happens happens or what your overarching aim is in most of what you do only adds to its allure."
60 52% The Forgotten City (2021) - Oct 26, 2022
"A cool little game. The gameplay outside conversations isn't setting the world on fire, and there's a level of jank you'd expect from software that originated as an Elder Scrolls mod, but the characters, setting and knock-on altering of the situation through player agency are compelling enough. As a Classics student, I obviously also appreciate the setting, even if there's some real butchering of Latin pronunciation."
60 52% Bloodroots (2020) - Oct 15, 2022
"Stylish, frantic fun."
60 52% Grounded (2022) - Oct 14, 2022
"It's a genre I mostly play with others to be social, but this is a very solid survival game with a great premise and aesthetic. I finished it during early access, so I don't know if anything drastically changed upon release. (Adding later on that there's definitely more to do now so will revise the score once we've worked through it.)"
60 52% The Good Life (2021) - Oct 10, 2022
"Swery's ode to an England far different to the one I grew up in. The expected eccentricities and strange happenings are enjoyable enough to overlook the mediocrity of the gameplay for a dozen or so hours."
70 71% Overwatch 2 (2022) - Oct 07, 2022
"Early days, but this feels strangely soulless, if enjoyable enough to drop in for a few games."
60 52% The Procession to Calvary (2020) - Sep 22, 2022
"Short and sweet with a great artistic vision and some humour that hit the mark."
60 52% Visage (2018) - Sep 21, 2022
"While a lot of its "inspirations" are overtly apparent, there's some nice ideas here. Atmosphere is layered on very well, with special mention to the audio design, though the voice acting is rather low quality. Controls, especially item management, are rather clunky, and requirements to progress can be somewhat obtuse to the point I resorted to following a guide (though I suppose if you don't reach the point of frustration/boredom this can add to the tension)."
60 52% Human: Fall Flat (2016) - Sep 18, 2022
"Good fun in multiplayer at least, striking a fine balance between slapstick and puzzling."