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10 10% Dark Souls (2011) - Rated 09 Mar 2024
"I get the appeal but I kind of don't get the appeal. If I had lots of free times for games, I would probably give this a perfect score, but I'm a filthy casual."
6% Super Tennis (1991) - Rated 08 Mar 2024
"The controls are really hard!"
60 34% Euro Truck Simulator 2 (2013) - Rated 07 Mar 2024
"I enjoyed driving around a lot, but getting out of the opening areas can be hard and ruined it for me."
10 10% Limbo (2010) - Rated 01 Jul 2023
"Mario 2 had some weird stuff going on but his is definitely the darkest Mario."
100 94% The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (2023) - Rated 02 Jun 2023
"Finished my first playthrough. It seems like BOTW at first, but with a very different tone. It has lots of content, everywhere. The biggest game I've ever played. But the gameplay is well thought out and with many ways to do things. And lots of building. The story is iffy with loose threads and repetition. A lot of it feels contrived. I accidentally skipped a lot of the main quest by misguessing a clue. These are minor complaints because it is very, very fun."
89 66% Yahtzee (1956) - Rated 31 May 2023
100 94% NieR: Automata (2017) - Rated 12 May 2023
"There are things I didn't like about this game (invisible walls, weirdly visible panties) but I just found it so fun. I also love that it was built with major replayability."
60 34% Metroid Fusion (2002) - Rated 06 May 2023
60 34% Spelunky (2012) - Rated 30 Apr 2023
10 10% Civilization VI (2016) - Rated 30 Apr 2023
"I've been a fan of Civ for most of my life, but I can't get into this one. In the other Civ games, I was able to guess and have fun until I figured out the gameplay. In this one, the significance of a lot of the game mechanics were unclear to me and I had no clue if I was doing well or badly. Maybe I'm just getting old. It doesn't help the Switch controls are just awful."