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Game Fan - 16 Game Ratings

Member Since: Mar 22, 2016

Location: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

Bio: This account has been deprecated because I have realized that voting a lot of genres and not only Horror movies gives me more accurates--and normally higher--ratings so I decided to stop using this one and only vote on my, until now, secondary account that I was using to vote not only Horror movies.

Just voting Horror films; in all its variants.

100. Masterpiece: you must see it only because of the pop culture.
90. Excellent: you must see it for the same reason as 100 but maybe there is an error or something you do not totally like.
80. Very good: you are going to love it.
70. Good: you will not regret the experience.
60. Interesting: some parts of the movie compensate the weakest.
50. Watchable: you can see it but not a great thing.
49. Almost boring: the movie seems a little too long.
40. Mediocre: maybe boring but you can see the whole thing.
30. Weak: usually boring and maybe you will not see the whole movie.
20. Bad: totally boring you will see it until the half of it and enough is enough.
10. Very bad: you will see 15 mints maybe, tops.
0. YThisExists: to bad to even give it a try.
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70 94% Outlast (2013) - Feb 22, 2018
70 63% Carmageddon (1997) - Feb 22, 2018
50 13% Hell's Kitchen: The Game (2008) - Feb 22, 2018
"I play it because I like cooking games but it is the classic case of "if I find another better game I will stop playing without fear of losing something important". On DS sometimes it is hard for the "character" to obey you because you have to tap twice sometimes until the game takes the order so the experience, in general, it is not that good. Another con is that the ingredients are prepared one an at time so you do not have the I prepare everything at the same time as in ot"
60 25% Mario Party (1998) - Feb 22, 2018
49 6% The Sims 2 (2004) - Feb 22, 2018
65 56% Counter-Strike (2000) - Feb 17, 2018
70 88% Call of Duty (2003) - Feb 17, 2018
60 44% Resident Evil 4 (2005) - Feb 17, 2018
50 19% Tokaido (2012) - Feb 17, 2018