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85 57% Super Mario RPG (1996) - Rated 05 Aug 2022
"Introduces a fun twist on other contemporary Square RPGs in giving the combat timing-based attack bonuses, and other active prompts to improve results. What really shone for me was the great variety in all the one-off minigames. A lot of the gameplay feels at times like a proto-Mario Party in that way. Plus some creative boss fights and great music."
75 32% Ratchet & Clank (2002) - Rated 05 Aug 2022
"It was a good action platformer for the time, but these days it's mostly worth playing if you love later games in the series and want to see where they originated (like me). The weapon variety is fun, but lacks the fascinating upgrade systems that were introduced as soon as the second game. Another surprising downside is the story, as the characters spend a large chunk of the game bickering and hating each other, making it kind of a bummer to get through."
85 57% EarthBound (1994) - Rated 11 Apr 2022
"There are some mildly frustrating mechanics, like the always-cramped inventory, and a general lack of options to revive teammates, but it's still a charming unique RPG. I can see why so many future indie RPG developers wanted to rip it off, and completely missed the mark in so many ways. Near the end, it kinda becomes your 1-shot abilities vs. the enemies' 1-shot abilities, which is not great, but the final battle is unforgettable."
90 75% Final Fantasy VI (1994) - Rated 11 Apr 2022
"There's a bit less character customization than V had, but the breadth of the cast makes up for it by giving you lots of options to play with. All the artwork is more beautiful than ever, soundtrack is great as always, and there are some unforgettable story moments and set pieces. The endgame was pretty easy, but that can happen because there are so very many sidequests near the end, leading to lots of borderline-exploity ways to become overpowered."
90 75% Final Fantasy V (1992) - Rated 14 Oct 2020
"The job systems were some of my favorite parts of 1 and 3, and this game cranks them up to a whole new level. This would be the progenitor of the tactics games, with a ton of character customizability. It drew away from FF3's need to switch jobs as a puzzle-solving mechanic, and just let players do what they wanted with the characters. The main story is mostly easy, but this one has more optional super-bosses than any other game in the series up to this point."
80 42% Final Fantasy IV (1991) - Rated 14 May 2020
"The biggest shortcoming of this FF game is that it has basically no character customization. No class selection like we had in 1 and 3, so the only customization options really come in deciding which equipment to use, but most items you find are straight upgrades over the previous ones. I recommend playing the "easytype" or regular English-translated version, because the initial Japanese release required far too much grinding, which would pad the game to probably 2-3 times its length."
90 75% Bloodborne (2015) - Rated 12 Mar 2020
"I like that this game removed 100%-block shields like the Souls games, because it gives the combat a very different, more fast-paced feel. But it still has some typical Fromsoft shortcomings, like a couple of player attributes being near useless, and in the base game, I felt that the weapon variety was pretty lacking. The weapons that are there function very differently from each other, but it's not like a Souls game where you get lots of different weapons with small variations."
90 75% Hollow Knight (2017) - Rated 04 Mar 2020
"Come for the beautifully animated artwork and fun combat, and stay for the surprisingly extensive customization options and lore. I put nearly 50 hours into this game in one playthrough, working toward 100% completion. A really great aspect of this game is that you can sort of choose how challenging you want the game to get. Getting to 100% was a big challenge for me, but there was still a lot more I could have taken on if I'd wanted an even more difficult experience. The game makes it worth it."
85 57% Ori and the Blind Forest (2015) - Rated 04 Mar 2020
"This is a really nice game to pick up if you want something to scratch a nagging Metroidvania itch. Not too long (I finished it near 100% in 2-3 sittings) but with gorgeous artwork and music, plus a unique satisfying midair ricochet/jump ability I'd never really seen before. Several of the abilities reminded me of Hollow Knight, but this game is much shorter, with more emphasis on platforming and puzzle-solving than on combat."
80 42% Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (2013) - Rated 04 Sep 2019