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66 32% Under the Waves (2023) - Sep 13, 2023
81 86% Chants of Sennaar (2023) - Sep 12, 2023
55 17% Venba (2023) - Sep 10, 2023
76 66% Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical (2023) - Sep 09, 2023
"It's more akin to a visual novel than a role-playing game, which makes you wonder about its marketing strategy. Nevertheless, I did enjoy the songs, and honestly, I wouldn't have minded having more of them. As for the story, it treads in the realm of something akin to 'American Gods,' although not quite hitting that mark of good."
79 79% Not For Broadcast (2022) - Sep 08, 2023
"It's a clever concept to depict the emergence of a leftist totalitarian state because it challenges our preconceived notions compared to a traditional fascist setting. The gameplay may not be particularly captivating, but it successfully immerses you in the role of a genuine studio director, making it ok. The true achievement, however, lies in its consistent ability to deliver (a very british) humor, keeping the experience consistently enjoyable."
97 99% NieR: Automata (2017) - Sep 05, 2023
"Engaging battles, a compelling artistic direction (especially if one has an affinity for sexy robots). Beneath it all, a thought-provoking philosophical narrative within a rich lore waiting to be delved into, and succeeding to avoid being dull. Sometimes the story embarks in a humouristic jaunt, only to traverse the darkest tragedy at other times. It's one of those games where it's easy to lose yourself in its facinating world."
71 46% Conarium (2017) - Aug 31, 2023
"It's a Lovecraftian walking sim. Fairly well done, with some fairly simple puzzles that keep you engaged. While it's quite visually pleasing, there's nothing mind-blowing, and the protagonist tends to faint a bit too often."
78 75% Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise (2020) - Aug 29, 2023
"Deadly Premonition had a killer atmosphere, channeling that Twin Peaks vibe. But Deadly Premonition 2 is more reminiscent of the second season..."
74 58% En Garde! (2023) - Aug 28, 2023
"In short, it's "Zorro: The Video Game." While the fencing system isn't incredibly complex, the fights are enjoyable thanks to the interactive environment."