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70 69% The Witness (2016) - Apr 14, 2021
"An undeniably great puzzle game but it reinforces everything that I don't like about puzzle games: often tediously long puzzle designs, stretching every concept far past the point of being interesting, and many puzzles being not worth the price of admission. I still The Witness is great though. "
64 58% No Man's Sky (2017) - Mar 23, 2021
"If I had played this game at launch I might have a much different opinion but in 2021 this game is far better than just serviceable. I won't be dumping hundreds of hours into this game the way that some will but I finally feel like the promise of this game was delivered, even if it was too late for some."
20 5% Aliens: Colonial Marines (2013) - Feb 18, 2021
"How did this get made and released? Even taking away the unforgivable marketing for this game, it is just oppressively bad to the point of being unplayable."
77 80% Dance Dance Revolution (1998) - Feb 18, 2021
"Dance Dance Revolution (DDR for those who are as old as I am) might seem antiquated in a modern context but it is hard to overstate just how important it ended up being for rhythm games in the west. This game took over arcades in a way that few others post Pac-Man could ever hope to match."
68 63% Katamari Damacy (2004) - Jan 15, 2021
"I was never fond of the minute-to-minute gameplay of any of the Katamari games but I can't deny that these games are some of the most fun, joy-filled experiences that have ever come out of Japan, or even the world, in terms of a video game. Damacy drips with atmosphere and it's jubilee is contagious. "
63 56% Super Meat Boy (2010) - Jan 15, 2021
"I don't have the patience to finish the game but boy am I glad this exists. It's difficult in the right ways and the game is designed around that fact as well. This is a cool, frustrating, awesome, and infuriating game."
59 46% Among Us (2018) - Jan 15, 2021
"I don't love Among Us but it turns out that The Thing in space is fairly compelling, even if it largely depends on who you are matched up with."
61 50% Dark Souls II (2014) - Jan 15, 2021
"Dark Souls II shows how important Miyazaki is to the series. His absence for this game shows from the opening to the time the credits roll. From a bird's eye view, this is like the two previous Souls games but once you have to actually play it you realize how wrong almost everything is. Linear level design, bland bosses, rehashed lore, gank-heavy enemy encounters, and a shocking lack of cohesion leaves Dark Souls II as the weakest product from FromSoftware in a while and a low point for Souls."
37 15% Mass Effect: Andromeda (2017) - Jan 14, 2021
"Mass Effect: Andromeda is a tragedy wrapped in a train-wreck surrounded by nuclear fallout. I could maybe, MAYBE forgive the glitches, bad quest design, poor facial animation, convoluted gameplay, diminished multiplayer, elimination of several species, and bad voice-acting if the writing was at least good. The writing is woeful. The writing was so bad I had to replay the original series just to see if I was misremembering the quality of those games. I wasn't at all. This game is garbage."
56 43% EarthBound (1994) - Jan 13, 2021
"I played as much of this game as I could stomach. It turns out I just do not like turn-based combat and I maybe never will. I acknowledge that this game does have a decent story and, at times, great atmosphere, I just can't get past what its gameplay is to enjoy it and that is probably my own personal failure."