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Pac-Attack ()

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On a Tetris-like board the player drops blocks consisting of Ghosts, Blocks, Pac-Man, and one Fairy (if the Fairy Meter is full) to the ground. The objective is to not let the blocks overflow, let Pac-Man eat the ghosts, and make lines to shorten the amount of blocks on the board. When Pac-Man eats a ghost, the Fairy Meter goes up. Once full, a fairy will eventually be dropped, and every ghost in the eight lines below it will disappear. (

Genre: Puzzle

Platforms: Wii U, iOS, PS2, Game Boy Advance, Xbox, Sega Genesis, Game Gear, Super NES, GameCube, GameBoy, GameBoy Color, Phillips CD-i

Franchise: Pac-Man

AKA: Pac-Panic


Publisher: Namco

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