Twisted Metal: Black
Twisted Metal:Black features 15 psychotic mental patients competing in the Twisted Metal tournament for one wish that will grant them anything they want.
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Twisted Metal: Black

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Rated 07 Feb 2018
Holy moly, this was just what we needed to ease ourselves into a post 9/11 world. It's fun AND dank. That's a hard line to balance.
Rated 11 Feb 2018
Increases the pace from the PS1 titles pushing you to camp less while having fantastic level design. Although I'm not fond of the overly dark and bleak aesthetic of the levels, the dark tone of the game is well utilized with some genuinely disturbing plotlines. On the other hand, the game does suffer from artificial difficulty - AI enemies get weapons that never deplete made worse by TM typical "everyone is out to kill you" ai. Still, the mechanics and levels mark this as the best Twisted Metal.
Rated 08 Feb 2018
Rated 13 Apr 2018
Twisted Metal Black is pretty much just as good as any other entry in the series. The graphics are great but the controls are iffy. The move to the M rating was a strange choice however, as the previous games seemed to have an aim towards children for the most part. SweetTooth is still present, but don't expect the Joker-style maniac we know and love.

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