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Member Since: Jan 2, 2018

Location: Canada

Bio: Obviously movie obsessed. For more of my opinions check out my website:
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98 71% Wii Sports (2006) - Dec 05, 2018
"Wii Sports is simple and addicting. The perfect game for a group at a party. There isn't much to be found as far as single player goes, but with a game like this there isn't much need for it. It makes great use of the Wii's motion capabilities."
85 35% Dark Souls (2011) - Dec 05, 2018
"Dark Souls is incredibly difficult. To the point of being incredibly frustrating a lot of the time. That being said, it's still gorgeous to look at, the gameplay is fluid and addicting, and the open world nature is unique and a nice callback to games like Ultima. "
100 88% Red Dead Redemption (2010) - Dec 05, 2018
"Red Dead Redemption is one of the few open world games that makes real use of the concept. The story is powerful, the graphics are gorgeous and there are a million things to do on the side. Other games have tried, but none have been a true simulation of the old West until this one. "
99 75% Dark Cloud (2000) - Nov 27, 2018
"Dark Cloud manages to become less amusing as your party grows. But the game itself is unique with the city-building aspects, and exciting with the RPG and exploration elements. The appeal of the early PS2 graphics and inflated length of the north american version all come together to form a nostalgic and endlessly replayable adventure. "
63 6% Sonic Heroes (2003) - Nov 27, 2018
"Sonic Heroes is fast and fun. The three character at once structure of the levels is unique. The opening song is catchy. Overall though the game is a hollow experience. Memorable for all the wrong reasons. "
99 75% Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy (2001) - Nov 27, 2018
"Jak and Daxter in a lot of way heralded the end of an era. One of the few collectathons during this period of time. Each level is unique and loaded with cool visuals and enough variety to keep even those cynical about platformers entertained. "
86 38% Burnout 3: Takedown (2004) - Nov 27, 2018
"Burnout 3 is an insanely fun game. Particularly when you first begin. The appeal will probably wear off pretty quickly. But in the end it's a terrific racing game with some totally destructive and explosive twists and turns. "
98 71% Tony Hawk's Underground (2003) - Nov 27, 2018
"With lasting appeal beyond even those who are not interested in sports games. Underground is built with endless customization and an actual story worth playing through. "
100 88% Star Wars: Battlefront (2004) - Nov 27, 2018
"Star Wars: Battlefront was the first time a video game truly capture what we've all wanted in a Star Wars video game. The battles are enjoyable and action packed. The vehicles and weapons will bring to light the best feelings of nostalgia for the franchise. Not to be outdone, this was and still is the gold standard for adaptations in video game form. "
96 61% Final Fantasy XII (2006) - Nov 27, 2018
"Final Fantasy XII is without a doubt a very slow game. It encourages way more grinding than even the bulkiest titles in the series have before. That being said. It's beautiful to look at, the world is enormous and the battle system is fun and strategic (it's just not all that exciting)"