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Wing Commander ()

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The Confederation have been at war with the Kilrathi for the past 20 years, and you're just now joining the Vega campaign. You're a 2nd Lieutenant just out of the Academy, with some good work under your belt. You're posted to Tiger's Claw, the flagship of the Confederation Fleet. Will you help the Confederation to victory, or go down in infamy? (

Genres: Action, Simulation

Platforms: Windows, macOS, MS-DOS, PlayStation, Super NES, Game Boy, Amiga, Sega CD

Franchise: Wing Commander

AKAs: WC1 (Show all 4)

  • Wing Commander: The 3-D Space Combat Simulator
  • ウィングコマンダー
  • 银河飞将


Publishers: Origin Systems, Mindscape, ASCII, SEGA Enterprises, GameTap

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