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Game Fan - 71 Game Ratings

Member Since: May 6, 2020

Location: USA

Bio: dumb gay loves movies.

Rating reflect way more how I "feel" about a particular film rather than any sort of "objective" judgement which believe isn't possible anyway.

6 and above are "good" movies which I believe to be worthwhile and achievements in their own way.

8-10 are all outstanding movies that particularly resonate with me and I'm very thankful to have them.

10s may not be "perfect" movies, but are just absolutely my jam and feel the most personal to me. Usually movies that go big and weird and bold and somehow make it all work and seem effortless while also revealing some sort of human truth at the same time.

Reminder to self (if I'm still using site): delete ratings after 5 years to allow for changing perspective.
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