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Game Fan - 42 Game Ratings

Member Since: Jul 23, 2009

Location: Indianapolis, IN, USA

Bio: Yeah...well this is just like, you know, my opinion, man...
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85 48% Final Fantasy IX (2000) - Mar 19, 2018
"After playing the hell out of 7 and starting 8 up multiple times but never completely finishing it, it was great to play one last PS1 Final Fantasy where I had nothing but fun. Great side characters and it was cool that Zidane was more roguish as the protagonist. Vivi and Steiner were dope. "
70 17% Mortal Kombat II (1993) - Mar 06, 2018
"The Game Boy version was so damn bad but I played the hell out of it because I had nothing else to satisfy my bloodlust."
70 17% Duck Hunt (1984) - Mar 06, 2018
"What if that laughing dog popped up after everything bad that happened to you?"
90 66% World of Warcraft (2005) - Feb 27, 2018
"I put way too many hours into this to not give it a high score but I also put way too many hours into this to feel anything but a deep deep shame."
50 2% Microsoft Minesweeper (1990) - Feb 27, 2018
"It was never for me, even when I finally learned what the fuck I was actually supposed to do."
80 30% Titanfall 2 (2017) - Feb 27, 2018
"I liked both the single player and multiplayer. However I am at a point in my life where I am not too interested in first person shooters. Even when I do get them and like them I am only into them for a few weeks and then I am done forever. It was a good time while it lasted though."
95 77% Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 (2001) - Feb 11, 2018
"I had no interest in skateboarding and got this randomly as a gift. I became obsessed with it as it was very fun. I even went to see some skateboard exhibition thing involving Tony Hawk they put on after an arena football game."
85 48% Wii Sports (2006) - Feb 11, 2018
"Never played it alone but what a great party game."
75 22% Pok√©mon Red & Blue (1996) - Feb 11, 2018
"It hasn't aged very well, and I couldn't recommend it over Fire Red/Leaf Green unless you are just nostalgia hungry or a super fan that really wants to experience it. It was the start of a phenomenon though and I was just as obsessed as anyone."
90 66% Super Mario Bros. (1985) - Feb 11, 2018
"What could I possibly say here? "