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War Machine

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Member Since: Feb 29, 2016

Location: Canada

Bio: *I HAVE SPOILERS ALL UP IN MY MINI REVIEWS* I NEEDED a rating system more like thisssss
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50 47% ReBoot (1998) - Aug 29, 2020
"love the cutscenes. moving and aiming too hard, part of what makes it too easy to die so watched LP and looked tedious often"
80 86% The Banner Saga 3 (2018) - Jul 08, 2020
"would be higher but the waves were too long for not having a save/checkpoints. the heroic titles spiced it up. more warped was cool minus the apostate move being bugged. still the best version of the games with most things, the choices felt or seemed bigger/better, and the end was cool going back and forth and the countdown/tryna add days - way better than supplies lol, i'd play a whole game like that. i liked the ending and hope it was sophisticated as it seemed, withpreviouschoicesaffectinghim"
80 86% The Banner Saga 2 (2016) - Jul 04, 2020
"story, supplies, pacing of action and more text choices, higher levels/abilities/talents/items/more menders and classes etc, all got better. still some annoying combat things like wishing you could undo a movement. bolverk's side of the story was better and i loved using him. end kinda abrupt. still hoping i get to use more dredge and bellower lol. this had some tough bosses/enemies. liked horseborn. and having cutscenes now is nice"
77 82% The Banner Saga (2014) - Jun 30, 2020
"the story,lore,setting,dialogue,choices,outcomes,many characters,some of the skill/items/attribute progression was an 80+. but some of the combat and other systems took away from it. like not knowing if you'd be able to do an ability once you moved, and not being able to redo a movement if you messed up, and not really knowing howmuchsuppliesyouneedunlessyoufollowaguideoriftheysaidhowlongthejourneyisandyourememberlol.somecharactersweresidelinedawhilethenpoppedup. bytheendmostwasgettingbetter"
9% Rugrats: All Growed Up - Older and Bolder (2001) - Jun 06, 2020
"looks like terrible side scrolling platforming lol"
20 27% All Grown Up!: Express Yourself (2004) - Jun 06, 2020
"some mini games seem fun"
20 27% Nicktoons Racing (2000) - Jun 06, 2020
"seems pretty bad lol Party Blast too but it's not listed"
30 35% Rugrats: Go Wild! (2003) - Jun 06, 2020
"gameplay/mini games mostly seem meh or a bit better. i like the cut scenes and how they're diff than the movie"
30 35% Rugrats Munchin Land (2002) - Jun 06, 2020
"cuz the mini games seem pretty bad and theres only 2 pretty good cut scenes lol"
75 78% Rugrats Mystery Adventures (1999) - Jun 06, 2020
"dialogue was really good and funny. these are episode quality if you skip the returning mini games and repeated interviews. stories just arent that good. i like the return of the greaser kid and that little girl. i woulda LOVED this game back in the day"