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Bio: Sometimes my tastes are really dumb, and I'm sorry about that. My ratings are just my subjective experience with a film (or game, now) and are usually not intended to label something as "good" or "bad". I just didn't personally connect with something that has a lower rating. Try not to hold it against me :)

Also at the time of writing this my 36th TCI is avgcrtckr so I assume I'm really boring and predictable.

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75 43% Detroit: Become Human (2018) - Rated 19 Jun 2018
"It's fairly cliché throughout, but Quantic Dream almost finally manages to make a game fully sensible, and there are some relatively impactful scenes. It even has probably more meaningful player agency than any other game of this type released up until now. Still, near the end of my playthrough I encountered an absurd plot element that I can't fathom how to actually make coherent, and my ending was altered from what it probably should have been because I couldn't convince my character to walk."
80 56% A Way Out (2018) - Rated 23 Apr 2018
75 43% Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (2007) - Rated 18 Feb 2018
"The start of a decline, but still fairly enjoyable. Everything is overcharted and as a result many songs are kind of annoying to play. As goofy and dumb as the boss concept was, I kind of enjoyed them."
90 80% Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (1995) - Rated 02 Feb 2018
65 27% Far Cry 3 (2012) - Rated 02 Feb 2018
20 5% Battleship (1967) - Rated 30 Jan 2018
90 80% To the Moon (2011) - Rated 28 Jan 2018
70 34% God of War (2005) - Rated 28 Jan 2018
"The aesthetics are nice. I think enjoying this game is largely predicated on finding it cool, which it truly was when I played it as a teenager. It's a lot less so in retrospect, but it's still decent fun."
75 43% XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012) - Rated 28 Jan 2018
"A good game that isn't quite what I wish it was. I enjoy the gameplay in battles quite a bit, but I'm not a big fan of the overarching strategy layer. Squad management is fine but I don't really like the seemingly massive impact of research decisions (which are really hard to evaluate in usefulness until you have already tried them) and the way the game makes you do a lot of "injure and capture" with its enemies. I know that adds some strategy to encounters but I don't enjoy it."
85 69% Max Payne (2001) - Rated 28 Jan 2018