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45 13% The Touryst (2019) - Sep 17, 2022
"Poor camera/controls make fairly simple platforming quite difficult."
60 43% Uplink (2001) - Sep 15, 2022
"I got soft locked cause I didn't have the money to buy software I needed for a mission, and no other type of mission appeared. Was good up to that point but maybe would've started to get tedious."
45 13% Shadowrun (1993) - Sep 02, 2022
"I spent longer reading the walkthrough than playing the game."
45 13% Shadowrun (1994) - Sep 02, 2022
"Amazing the difference a mission marker makes. Also why are there people randomly attacking me every five minutes?"
55 33% Advance Wars (2001) - Sep 01, 2022
"If I ever want to feel like an idiotic I can play this game. Tutorial is good but has too much text. No need to continue playing after that."
40 9% XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012) - Aug 31, 2022
"(Revised down after getting to the later BS levels) Takes too long to get to the action, there's tons of slowly moving forward looking for enemies. Then it's too easy to die suddenly after only a few shots. A better tack would've been to have a squad of characters with a story, that you discover as you go through the game, instead of constantly losing soldiers. The base management too is a neat idea, but ultimately quite tedious and poorly laid out. Shadowrun Dragonfall is this game done well."
1% X-COM: Apocalypse (1997) - Aug 29, 2022
"If you want to not know what the fuck is going on, then play this game."
1% UFO: Enemy Unknown (1994) - Aug 29, 2022
"100 for potential, but you you land in a city, surrounded by aliens, when you shoot they get 3 free shots (even if you don't hit them), and one shot kills you. On Easy mode. Even for 1994 that is some fucking bullshit."
1% Crusader Kings III (2020) - Jun 23, 2022
"Designed to suggest tons of really cool things while simultaneously preventing you from doing any of them, not because they're difficult, but because it's just not allowed to do them without literally waiting a few hours."
85 83% Shadowrun Returns (2013) - Feb 17, 2022
"Not as good as Dragonfall, a bit too linear but still a great game apart from the last mission which was tedious and annoying, probably would've been 90/100 without it. The level of text is much better than the two sequels although its probably still a little too much."