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Location: Ireland

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40 7% Disco Elysium (2019) - Jan 16, 2020
"Text, text, text. Slow walking, slow walking, slow walking. Where the fuck do I go? "
20 2% Shenmue (1999) - Jan 10, 2020
"Just as tedious and annoying as real life."
40 7% Wendy: Every Witch Way (2001) - Jan 10, 2020
"Very boring, very short. Enemies and puzzles are stupidly easy, or else you can just charge through them, cause you'll probably have enough health to survive anyway."
60 39% Octahedron (2018) - Dec 22, 2019
"Some levels are good, but it has a bad checkpoint system, there are difficulty spikes and the progression system is also bad."
40 7% Cathedral (2019) - Dec 17, 2019
"At the start, confusing with lots of backtracking and paths that are required to continue the story but completely hidden. After the game starts proper, the checkpoint system is broken and the game unbalanced. And I even picked up extra heart containers. If you're reading this though, give it a try cause I'm hypercritical."
50 19% Exception (2019) - Nov 17, 2019
"Poor controls, hard to control your character, you're often fighting with the character rather than trying to overcome the challenges in the game. Also poorly balanced, lots of stupidly easy parts followed by something stupidly difficulty or tedious. Had potential if not for these issues."
15 1% Minoria (2019) - Nov 16, 2019
"I "played" it for about 15 minutes and only encountered a single piece of gameplay, and that was poorly balanced. I spent the rest of the time running into dead ends and sitting through cut-scenes."
60 39% Gato Roboto (2019) - Nov 14, 2019
"Bit tedious, you're never quite sure where you have to go and the gameplay is quite monotonous with difficulty spikes (though the first one is worst) at each boss."
90 86% The Outer Worlds (2019) - Nov 11, 2019
"Great game. Fallout NV 2, but not as good as that game. F:NV quests were better, and I preferred having a giant open world to wonder around in. This game the worlds felt a little cramped and the quests a bit short, but if I had never played F:NV I might've never noticed."
60 39% Medal of Honor: Infiltrator (2003) - Nov 06, 2019
"It's ok, but the aiming is ganky, you often miss when it feels like you shouldn't and adjusting your position involves moving right, then re-positioning to face up. The enemies also hit you too easily, with basically no way to dodge their fire. But it has a nice progression that makes you want to keep playing."