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1% Crusader Kings III (2020) - Jun 23, 2022
"Designed to suggest tons of really cool things while simultaneously preventing you from doing any of them, not because they're difficult, but because it's just not allowed to do them without literally waiting a few hours."
85 82% Shadowrun Returns (2013) - Feb 17, 2022
"Not as good as Dragonfall, a bit too linear but still a great game apart from the last mission which was tedious and annoying, probably would've been 90/100 without it. The level of text is much better than the two sequels although its probably still a little too much."
85 82% Shadowrun: Hong Kong (2015) - Feb 13, 2022
"Great, but doubled down on worst part of DF, too much text. Its far too boring and irrelevant to wade through the endless streams of pretentious, flowery prose, forcing you to skip most of it and thus miss most of the story and mission clues. Those little clues make games like this much better. Less fighting, more linear and the story and battles were less intense. Bonus campaign was poor, even worse with endless text and badly balanced too. Still a shame this is the last Shadowrun until now."
95 94% Shadowrun: Dragonfall - Director's Cut (2014) - Feb 13, 2022
"Blown away, reminded me of Fallout with the multiple possible endings for each mission. Too much text, but not so much that it detracted from the game itself."
58 35% Archvale (2021) - Jan 13, 2022
"Ok for a while, but gets tedious with lots of difficulty spikes."
75 69% The Matrix: Path of Neo (2005) - Nov 29, 2021
"Very good fun, though could have been amazing with better jumping mechanics and a better tutorial for the skill upgrades (or any tutorial at all). Was cool getting to play through the movies. Though they could've left out the final boss."
55 32% Unreal (1998) - Oct 28, 2021
"Starts out cool but then gets very tedious very quickly. Enemies take forever to kill and paths forward are always cryptic and hidden in confusing, repetitive mazes."
40 9% Rayman 2: The Great Escape (1999) - Oct 22, 2021
"Just really boring, and when it's not boring, it's full of cheap hits. Most of the time you just walk straight down some lanes and jump a few times, and the jump takes forever, until there's a part where you can't see enemies before they hit you."
60 42% Crashlands (2016) - Oct 16, 2021
"Ok but just too tedious."
70 60% Butcher (2017) - Oct 16, 2021
"Good, though it starts out a bit slow. And it's very short, but can't blame devs for that on their resources."