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Game Fan - 24 Game Ratings

Member Since: Dec 9, 2011

Location: Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Age: 29

Gender: Female

Bio: I rate with complete subjectivity. If you don’t, you’re part of the problem. I love you.
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51 10% Disney's Lilo & Stitch (2002) - May 04, 2018
"I can't for the life of Lilo stop falling in the water. It's nearly impossible to gauge distance in this early 3D shit, and the voodoo is picky about when it works. I seemed to be just a little off on everything, and it isn't worth the effort to keep trying. Not horrible, but not good. I gave up at Jumba. (+Nice colors)"
50 6% Rugrats: Scavenger Hunt (1999) - Feb 02, 2018
"This was the first video game I ever played that wasn't good. I took it out after about 15 minutes and contemplated the value of time. I am currently the first female president of the United States."
65 35% Super Mario Bros. (1985) - Jan 23, 2018
"Itsa him, and hisa brother."
65 35% Blackjack (1613) - Jan 19, 2018
"You either have to be a genius that can count cards, or someone that enjoys the monotony of counting to 17 forever. Or, you like to live dangerously."
60 20% Cheat (1975) - Jan 19, 2018
40 2% Go Fish (1984) - Jan 19, 2018
"Is there anything children wont ruin?"
80 66% Microsoft Minesweeper (1990) - Jan 19, 2018
"This game really blew up and swept the nation when it was released, because it's the bomb. Call me a square, but it's one of mine favorite computer games, and it makes me very smiley face to play it all the timer. [review flagged for being too hilarious]"
60 20% Spider Solitaire (1989) - Jan 19, 2018
"Most spiders are solitary creatures... so put these damn cards in order."
60 20% Solitaire (1788) - Jan 19, 2018
"I grew up playing this all the time, and I didn't have a computer. I used real cards, and real loneliness. I’m the youngest of five."
75 56% Tony Hawk's Underground (2003) - Jan 19, 2018
"You see that guy I'm playing?! That's the guy that peed on my car. I recognize the skateboard."