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60 T6 Marvel's Avengers (2020) - 15 Oct 2023
"starts great with the story even though kamala was a detraction at times, mainly gameplay. then the online/endgame set up stuff slowly starts bleeding into the game and making it worse. there's too many sections that took too many tries cuz they didnt make shit like jumping/wall-running smooth enough. eventually i turned the difficulty down cuz it was annoying cuz unearned. there were a few different great games in here waiting to be finished"
78 T9 Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy (2021) - 10 Jan 2023
"combat too annoying, puzzles bit less. wish more telltale, choices felt less impactful.banter seemed rushed and almost overlappy. but some great moments. i'd replay on easy lol"
60 T6 The Simpsons: Hit & Run (2003) - 24 Apr 2022
"liked it a lot. less and less as it got harder and more tedious. wish i used cheats sooner for coins easier, speed, indestructible. loved a lot of the lines/cutscenes. love the halloween themed ending and how it's kinda like the pay off for the aliens in the treehouse of horror throughlineish plot"
70 T7 Wave Race 64 (1996) - 07 Jan 2022
"maybe the best intro song of all time. great ost in general especially when the races end. i think i was garbage as a kid but it was still my fav game in phases. the failure and game over screens/ost are dope lol i love the letters over/in the water. the waves make shit crazy. i dont even think i understood the power mechanic as a kid lol. the dolphins. if i could ride one :P"
75 T8 Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice (2017) - 22 Nov 2021
"some great stuff, coulda been 90+ if more like rpg and less annoying puzzles, some were still great, and the combat could be too overwhelming which made it fun when you start getting OP. then starts getting overwhelming again but they were on the right track. i like how the game didnt teach you a lot. the first time she said "behind you" or whatever lool. those voices stopped having the same effect too."
85 T10 The Walking Dead: The Final Season (2018) - 10 Nov 2021
"still some annoying shit but i think just the combat. like why try to be more of a shooter just to make me die and replay a bunch :P. when you just have to reach the circle it's way better. loved lilly coming back. wish all the games were this good so i'd replay them all one day. ending pissed me off and felt ridiculous mainly cuz of minnie. then the ending got way better cuz leg which shoulda been said :P but sad about violet. so headcanon"
60 T6 Limbo (2010) - 12 Oct 2021
"some puzzles annoying. early it was like a 70-80"
60 T6 Vagrant Story (2000) - 16 Sep 2021
"combat/mechanics too complex for me but i respect them. love the look, feel, tone, setting, story, some characters. watching the cutscenes was nice. shoulda been an anime too"
65 T7 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time (1992) - 08 Jul 2021
"legendary, tantrums too lool. dont think we ever beat the cave level. feels so good to hit the bosses and the sound helps. too hard without save states and lmao there's a hard mode"
55 T5 Super Mario RPG (1996) - 06 May 2021
"watched cutscenes cuz too outdated. most i at least like. lol bowser joins team and kisses mario on the cheek"