Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc
Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc is an adventure visual novel video game developed and published by Spike (later Spike Chunsoft) and the first game in the Danganronpa series. (wikipedia.org)
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Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

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Rated 21 Mar 2023
This is pretty dumb, I don't understand the praise. The cases are too easy, it's sexist, transphobic/ignorant and the vocal sounds are annoying.
Rated 28 Dec 2023
DGR never appealed to me. Weird mascot, too violent, too anime. I came upon it later with a different audience and came to realize: you're not meant to take it seriously. Embrace the cringe. Upon further inspection, there's an intriguing premise and some clever writing in here. It's a shame the detective work is on rails, but if you enjoy atmosphere, mysteries, and visual novels, DGR is a must try.
Rated 28 Jan 2018
Danganronpa is a bizarre game that is simultaneously brilliant and fucking retarded at the same time. Everyone in the cast is a one-note stereotype (although some transcend beyond that) but are still somehow endearing despite that. The cases can make you feel like a badass and uncovering each case can be satisfying, but there's no denying that they can lead to some really dumb shit (the LEON in case 1 and Togami's idiocy in case 2 come to mind).In any case, the game is quite a ride to go through
Rated 11 Jul 2018
The mysteries are fun. The game itself delights in wasting your time to pad out those mysteries.
Rated 18 Mar 2019
the, ah, "questionable" aspects of this game, and the series more generally, could fill the inside of an elephant, but the effervescent dialogue, hyper-kinetic gameplay and use of absurd anime caricature in place of characterization is just damn near irresistible. add in a touch of playful meta nonsense and you've got something that's artistically brilliant, if nothing else. unfortunately it takes its "hope vs despair" motif too seriously by the end, which kind of trivializes the experience.
Rated 10 Apr 2024
One of the most overrated communities I've seen, I don't really know where to start, first off, where are the praise for this series coming from? Is one of those series that tries too hard to be different or have that "if you look past it is actually good" style/mindset, but it just doesn't work here, I don't feel bother to talk about the other installments, I'm being generous with a 5/10 considering I think this series is decent but only if you're REALLY into it, and for me is just average.

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