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Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire

A role-playing video game that is played from an isometric perspective. Both returning and new companions are available, depending upon the choices made by the player, which play an optional story role within the game. Deadfire focuses on seafaring and island exploration via a ship. Crews can also be hired to look over them, and assist in ship combat. Class based gameplay returns, with each class having three optional sub-classes with unique skills. (wikipedia.org)
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This game, dare I say it, has some of that old Fallout New Vegas magic with its huge traversible map full of stories, mysteries, adventure, books, monsters, cultures, nations, gods and above all characters, voiced, funny, sad, scary and all too human characters. Not that it's flawless; the ship2ship combat is a bore, the load screens are brutal, and the game crashes every hour or so (some kind of memory leak issue).
There are many valid excuses why Deadfire is supposed to be a flop. The setting is tropey, naval combat and some encounters are sketchy, the barbarian's subclasses are all useless to name one balance issue, combat can get very messy, difficulty goes from punishing to easy as you go, etc. But for all its flaws, it may be the most underrated hardcore RPG out there, with mechanics that are a labour of love. Mechanically, character development offers enough options to invite many, many replays.
I made the mistake of playing it in turn-based mode first, which made a big chunk of character abilities useless. Whoops. It's just a fun gimmick; the game really is not meant for that. When playing the game how it's meant to be played, it's fine. There's a lot of bloat here, but it's ok if you play this game in short bursts rather than long binges. The multiclassing and character themes are also a great addition.
Probably a mistake I played this before the first game, but man, this title is really boring. On one end I want to like it because the premise is intriguing and I dig its aesthetic, but in between all of that is a lot of boring sidequests that generally feel pointless. I also hate how restrictive the combat is in how it limits your abilities and the sailing simulation is mindlessly simple. It amazes me that this game can boast so much that's interesting yet end up being incredibly boring.
Another enjoyable entry in the series. Yes, it's hot ass at times to try and figure out the difficulty issues and some of the naval bits are monotonous but its still so much fun with a compelling world and story.
Avg Percentile 62.54% from 39 total ratings

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Genre: Role-Playing
Publisher: Versus Evil
AKA: Pillars of Eternity 2

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