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Game Buff - 125 Game Ratings

Member Since: Oct 17, 2010

Location: Canada

Age: 45

Bio: I like your face. I really do. If you like my face......send me a message and tell me all about it. Do you like high fives? I'll give you 6 of them for free. Ask for 7 and our friendship is OVER! You hear me? I don't joke about these things. I only joke about Roof Koreans. Ask your mom. She knows.

I also stream....sometimes: www.twitch.tv/clift00ze

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85 64% What Remains of Edith Finch (2017) - Jun 02, 2020
"A simple, short game (clocking in around 5 hours) that is more of a book that you play through. First off...the house....it's amazing! With all it's hidden secrets and compartments, it's everything I've always wanted. Each room is different and unique and the place is definitely well lived in. Playing each family member's story of how they died is refreshing and doesn't get old (the best being Barbara, with it's EC Comics "Tales From the Crypt" homage featuring the theme music from Halloween!)"
85 64% The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit (2018) - May 31, 2020
"A side story in the Life Is Strange universe, this is a lovely little addition to the series. The game is only about 2 hours long, but is heavily connected to LIS 2. The story is quite simple, and revolves around a young boy getting lost in his imagination on a Saturday afternoon. You don't need to play the LIS games to enjoy this, but it makes the ending make much more sense. There's also a brilliant Sufjan Stevens song featured here."
90 79% Life Is Strange: Before the Storm (2017) - May 31, 2020
"This is where I changed from Pricefield to Amberprice! How could you not fall in love with Rachel Amber? I was worried going in when I learned that the voice actors had been changed, but Rhianna DeVries did a great job replacing Ashly Burch as the voice of Chloe. Looking at Chloe's past gave her more depth and made her more likable. The soundtrack here is my personal favourite of the series. Also, having the original cast return for the bonus episode was a nice send off for the characters."
75 40% Life is Strange 2 (2018) - May 31, 2020
"Not as good as the first part (to be fair it's a completely different story with different characters, just in the same universe) Dontnod once again does a good job of creating a special bond with it's main characters. There are more endings this time around, depending on your choices, and seeing little snippets of things throughout the game that relates to part 1 is nice fan service. The soundtrack is not even close to being on par with the first game. Neither are the feels..for me anyways."
90 79% Life Is Strange (2015) - May 31, 2020
"I'm not sure why or how I got invested so deep in this game about angsty teenage girls, but holy shit, this game stuck it's claws into me something fierce and didn't let go. This game made me feel so many emotions while playing it, I might as well have been an 18 year old girl myself! I loved the plot twists throughout each chapter and the soundtrack is amazing. I'm also a sucker for anything involving time travel. That fucking end decision was so hard! I was definitely Pricefield the first time"
75 40% Microsoft Minesweeper (1990) - May 31, 2020
"The original Sudoku!"
60 21% Sonic the Hedgehog (1991) - May 31, 2020
"A fun game for it's time, this was supposed to be Sega's answer to Mario (while Sonic HAS become a world wide success.....it still pales in comparison to the mustachioed one) The worst part of the game is going super fast and not having control and smashing into a bumblebee or some shit and losing all of your coins. My gold! My sweet gold! My precious!"
90 79% Streets of Rage 4 (2020) - May 24, 2020
"The best "Streets of Rage" game in the series! (Don't even @ me) With unlockable characters from the first 3 games (in glorious 16 bit graphics) as well as new characters, the ability to use a retro soundtrack, amazing new graphics and character models, alongside familiar game play, makes this a must have for any SOR fan. The game is hard as shit too. I can't even beat the game on normal mode without continues. The ability to play 4 players as well makes this game shine."
100 95% Rock Band (2007) - Feb 14, 2020
"The game that killed the Guitar Hero franchise (although they didn't know it at the time) It took the same concept from GH and expanded it to 4 instruments (guitar, bass, drums and vocals). A truly revolutionary game that forever changed the music / rhythm game. I still remember bringing this giant ass box home on the public bus with me, with all the other passengers looking at me, curious as to what this thing was all about (since it couldn't fit in a bag)"
100 95% Rock Band 4 (2015) - Feb 13, 2020
"It has one of the weaker set lists when compared to all the other Rock Band on disc songs, but the fact than you can add all previous versions into the game, makes this one the best in the series to date. The Rivals aspect of the game keeps me coming back each week, trying to get that #1 position. The free Rivals songs aren't so good (huge exception is Shadow by Bearstronaut....that song bangs!) but hey, can't really complain about free stuff."