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Bio: I like your face. I really do. If you like my face......send me a message and tell me all about it. Do you like high fives? I'll give you 6 of them for free. Ask for 7 and our friendship is OVER! You hear me? I don't joke about these things. I only joke about Roof Koreans. Ask your mom. She knows.

I also stream....sometimes: www.twitch.tv/clift00ze

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85 T7 Cards Against Humanity Cards Against Humanity (2009) - 20 Oct 2019
"I guess you CAN play this with your family...but think about all those future awkward sit downs at dinner. Will you ever be able to look your mom in the eye again after she played the Big Black Dick card?"
100 T10 Trivial Pursuit Trivial Pursuit (1981) - 20 Oct 2019
"My favourite board game! My friends hate playing with me because I always win. It's not my fault I spent my entire life accumulating random useless knowledge (I mean it is my fault technically, but I digress) At least you got to see birds and trees and breathe fresh air while I was inside reading everything."
70 T4 Trivial Pursuit Live! Trivial Pursuit Live! (2015) - 20 Oct 2019
"Having everything be multiple choice gives random idiots the ability to win. Might as well just throw dice into a corner, highest roll wins."
75 T5 Monopoly Monopoly (1935) - 20 Oct 2019
"Monopoly: Ruining families since 1935. The game most likely to get you to call your mom a dumb bitch!"
65 T3 Wii Sports Wii Sports (2006) - 21 Oct 2019
"The best part of this game is forgetting to attach the wrist band and then having to go to Best Buy to get a new tv the next day."
100 T10 Super Mario Bros. Super Mario Bros. (1985) - 20 Oct 2019
"The epitome of a "classic game" Almost 35 years later and the game is still great. It just proves that you don't need fancy graphics to make a great game...it's all about game play. It doesn't matter how many times you play it, it never gets old."