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Neverwinter Nights 2: Mask of the Betrayer

Mask of the Betrayer continues the story of Neverwinter Nights 2 by following the fictional main character, the Shard-bearer, who is afflicted by a curse that requires the devouring of spirits (and occasionally souls) to survive, and the character's quest to determine the nature of the curse. The game takes place in two nations of the Forgotten Realms, Rashemen and Thay, which are considered part of Faerûn's "Unapproachable East."
Expansion for: Neverwinter Nights 2
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This was a funner scenario to play with friends than the base game, but like, who really WANTED to throw down money for a NWN2 expansion? NWN's expansions were better than the base game, sure, but I at least cared about the base game once I paid the three level fun tax of every D&D edition ever (except 4).
It carries the same technical problems of NWN2, but like Planescape: Torment and unlike the base campaign, this expansion offers a brilliantly written story and a much more interesting visual style. If not for this expansion, there'd be not much of a reason to buy NWN2 or suffer through its subpar main campaign.
The interface problems from the base game remain, but this is inarguably a much more competently made campaign, placed in a far more interesting setting. Has a typical Obsidian problem of the storytelling being much better than the combat.
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Genre: Role-Playing
Platform: Windows
Publishers: AtariAkella

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