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Member Since: Dec 21, 2014

Location: Milan, Italy

Bio: No presumption to be objective, here. Ranking are based on my own personal liking of a film.
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90 78% Crusader Kings 2 (2012) - Apr 07, 2018
"The easier of the Paradox games strategically wise, it has a interesting mix of strategy and RPG that makes for a unique and compelling gameplay. The best way to play it it's indeed impersonating your characther traits: so let's try to not raise a dumb heir here."
95 94% Mass Effect 3 (2012) - Apr 07, 2018
"The best gameplay of the trilogy: they combined a good amount of costumization from the first, with the fact that every weapon it's different aestetically and also really change your gameplay, it's not just a different buff-debuff. The end was fine people, get over with it, it was even better before the EC that explain too much with no need. I don't get what people was expecting: 3000 different final scenes? "
60 22% Dragon Age: Inquisition (2014) - Apr 07, 2018
"This is the real disappointment, not Dragon Age 2. They answered to the critizism in the bad way. DA2 too short? let's just fill the game with fetch quest and dull side quest! DA2 was too much closed in a city? let's create a bunch of(well created) areas but where there is nothing to do besides... fetch quests. And this one it's really console-friendly! free potions, an horrendous tactical camera, and they erased the party tactics for no reason. The best moment for me was to see Morrigan again. "
80 56% Dragon Age 2 (2011) - Apr 07, 2018
"A lot of ranting for no reason. The gameplay was basically the same of the Origins, with a closer camera and some minor changes. Not that i liked the console-friendly changes, but it was totally playable. In the first playtrough i disliked too been trapped inside one city, but in the end makes sense because they wanted to tell a story about one city. The character are weaker yes, but there are still 2-3 great companions. The mage vs templar theme is great. Origins it's better, but this is good."
95 94% Dragon Age: Origins (2009) - Apr 07, 2018
"The best of the trilogy, even if not "by far". A fresh air to the genre when was released, he catched "Song of ice and fire" dark-fantasy influence before Game of Thrones was even started. Classic RPG mecchanics with a great graphic for the time, cinematic scenes, great characters. It has the production value of a blockbuster, but every side quest it's designed with heart, making for a great world building. Just entering in Orzamar, it's amazing. Played it 3 times."
50 9% Assassin's Creed III (2012) - Apr 07, 2018
"When it started to seriously drag."
85 66% Deus Ex: Human Revolution (2011) - Apr 07, 2018
"A case where the plot can be full of cliches, but the world-building and the atmosphere have something new to say, or something old in a new way. I remember just a little dialog, heard while exiting by Jensen's apartment, where a couple was in a middle of a fight because he get augmented but now she doesn't find him attractive anymore: "i need to feel human flesh on me, i'm sorry!" - "but we decided together!". The game is full of these little gems."
50 9% Borderlands (2009) - Apr 07, 2018
"The world design is fun to watch, but the gameplay is so flat, the costumization of the weapons it's not enough to keep the interest on the long term. Probably a game for people that just want to relax half an hour after work. "
70 38% Civilization IV (2005) - Apr 07, 2018
65 28% Assassin's Creed (2007) - Apr 06, 2018
"The gameplay was innovative once upon in the time. The general plot it's trash but we know it now, then there was at least the hope that it was something interesting."