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88 58% The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (2000) - Rated 13 Feb 2018
"Ocarina of Time but with a new series of bizarre, but fun abilities imparted by masks. The time mechanic created a pressure that I didn't always enjoy. Had many interesting ideas such as NPCs following schedules throughout the day, a bit ahead of its time. In general, felt a little half-baked, but still made for an excellent adventure game."
80 19% Batman: Arkham City (2011) - Rated 13 Feb 2018
"The beginning of a series of missteps for the Arkham series. Opening the world up to such massive proportions made the game feel diffuse, more spread out, and not quite as impressive. Still, the gameplay was super tight, the visuals were great, the story interesting and fleshed out, and there's plenty to do."
86 47% Sleeping Dogs (2012) - Rated 13 Feb 2018
"One of the best "Grand Theft Auto"-likes, Sleeping Dogs delivered a compelling story with interesting characters, as well as solid, fun gameplay. The campaign dragged a tad in the latter half, but overall a great title. Karate moves add a solid +3"
55 0% Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex (2001) - Rated 13 Feb 2018
"The first full Crash title which Naughty Dog didn't work on, which showed. The game was just missing that Crash charm, and the clunky controls just weren't the same. A sign of the end."
87 53% Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back (1997) - Rated 13 Feb 2018
"The best entry in the Crash series. Great level design, smoother controls with new moves such as the slide which made the game feel more dynamic. Polar bear sections were awesome."
80 19% Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped (1998) - Rated 13 Feb 2018
"The final PS1 entry of Crash Bandicoot made for a solid farewell song. Tight platforming sections were unfortunately marred by a variety of specialty stages, including riding a jetski, scuba diving, and flying an airplane, most of which didn't work great. The new powers were fun to play with, and bosses were fun."
86 47% Donkey Kong 64 (1999) - Rated 13 Feb 2018
"Still in the height of Rare's notoriety, DK64 delivered a charming adventure collectathon that captured our hearts. The Kong-switching mechanic was top-notch, in that all of the Kongs played differently enough to make them interesting. The game tended to drag a bit, and there was too much to collect. But hey, the DK Rap."
89 62% The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (2002) - Rated 13 Feb 2018
"Originally trashed for its cartoonish visuals, Wind Waker ended up being one of the better entries into the Zelda franchise. The addition of the Red Lion and the seemingly endless sea made exploring the game's world seem like a daunting task, but in the end, it had a lot of the right elements for a great adventure game."
82 30% Super Meat Boy (2010) - Rated 13 Feb 2018
"Die, die, and die again. The quintessential "Splatformer". Tight controls, good music, pleasing visuals. A famous platformer for a reason."
78 10% Heavy Rain (2010) - Rated 13 Feb 2018
"A compelling story combined with deep characters made Heavy Rain almost more of a movie than a game. Gameplay elements in general were purposely sparse, giving the game a more "cinematic" feel. Long, dragging sections and lack of actual gameplay make it hard to love this game, but it's definitely worth experiencing."