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Mega Man X2 ()

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A trio of Mavericks calling themselves the "X-Hunters" has arisen, intent on destroying X. Features much of the same action-platforming elements as the first installment. The player is tasked with completing a series of stages by destroying enemies, gaining various power-ups, and winning the special weapon of each stage's boss. Like the first Mega Man X, this game lets the player dash, scale walls, and obtain access to special abilities via optional pieces of armor. (Wikipedia)

Genres: Action, Platformer

Platforms: Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, Wii, Super NES

Franchise: Mega Man

AKAs: Rockman X2 (Show all 3)

  • ロックマンX2
  • 洛克人X2


Publishers: Capcom, Laguna Video Games

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